VDos32 is a virtual environment for running 32bit DOS programs, specifically intended for Vista. The 64bit version of Vista has no native support for DOS programs, and it is hoped that the techniques used by VDos32 can be made to work under Vista 64 in the future. Also the 32bit version of Vista has fairly flakey DOS support, and so VDos32 is a way to improve stability. VDos32 is intended to run DOS/4GW based programs, which are probably the most common form of 32bit DOS program. Particularly, there are many games of that type.

Tomb Raider I, Descent II and Redguard are now supported. For running the games in Glide mode, you also need Glidos. Descent II and Redguard have been tested only in Glide mode so far.

Version 0.8

  • Support for Kevin Bracey's patched TOMB.EXE to provide all the audio tracks from the PlayStation verion of Tomb Raider.
  • Further improvements have been made to the unlocking mechanism to avoid having to repeat the procedure unnecessarily.

Download v0.8 of VDos32 from here. It does not require installation. Just put it any where that you find convenient, and run it from there. Use the "Load" button to select a DOS progam to run.

Before first use, VDos32 requires unlocking via the internet. Just click the "Unlock" button. For this early release, there is no payment or registration required. (The unlocking service for this and other versions may be withdrawn at some later date.)

Glidos, from v1.34 onwards, can make use of VDos32. For instructions for setting up Glidos, go to the Glidos web site. You just need to place VDos32.exe in your Glidos folder and select "Use VDos32" from the Glidos configuration dialog (the setting is under the "DOS" tab). Glidos usually installs to C:\Program Files\Glidos. It is within that folder that you should place VDos32.exe.

Tomb Raider I and Descent II are most easily installed from a preconfigured self-extracting archive.

These archives do not include the game content. For TR1 you need the orignal CD, and for DII the archive should be extracted over the top of a previous installation.

Support is best sought from the Vogons forum

Known problems are:

  • The current versions of VDos32 probably will not run under the 64bit versions of XP and Vista.
  • Only Tomb Raider I, Descent II and Redguard are supported.
  • No support yet for MIDI.
  • When playing Tomb Raider I in software mode, pressing F1 may set a video mode VDos32 can't handle. Pressing F1 again should get it back to a working state.
  • When playing Tomb Raider I in software mode, there are no background sounds.
  • When playing Tomb Raider I in software mode, only Windowed mode is supported.
  • Sometimes, Tomb Raider I will run very slowly. Click on the window to get full speed.

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