I owe thanks to:
  • Jeff Roberts and John Miles of RAD gametools, for fishing out ancient documentation of the DOS MSS interfaces, and for general advice on supporting MSS in VDos32.
  • Nick Kurshev for BIEW. Marvelous tool for messing with DOS programs. I couldn't have done without it.
  • K. Narech for DOS/32A. Inspecting DOS/32A was particularly useful for understanding how fixups work in LE programs.
  • Microsoft for providing Windows with SEH (Structured Exception Handling), which provides such a clean enviroment for doing the sort of strange things VDos32 must do.
  • Matt Pietrek for explaining how SEH works, in his article A Crash Course on the Depths of Win32 Structured Exception Handling
  • Dos Freak and Co. for developing DOSBox, and making it opensource - very useful for finding details of the strange workings of DOS.
  • Ralph Brown for his DOS interrupt list.

Copyright © Paul Gardiner 2006 - 2007